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Specialized Mental Health Rehabilitation Facility


Rainbow Beach Care Center is committed to providing a comprehensive approach to psychiatric and mental health rehabilitation and offers skills groups seven days a week.

Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy improves social and personal leisure skills with various structured activities. A variety of daily activities are offered, promoting healthy and appropriate interpersonal relationships.

In-House Work Program

Our in-house work program is a vocational training program designed to promote a work-like environment and a sense of financial independence.

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning is an essential part of the treatment plan at Rainbow Beach Care Center. As an S.M.H.R.F., Rainbow Beach Care Center is a stepping stone for our residents on the road to recovery. 

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We are open for tours now that restrictions are easing! Please call to set up a private appointment to look around and ask questions.

Recovery Based Continuity of Care

Rainbow Beach Care Center is a Specialized Mental Health Rehabilitation Facility, licensed to provide comprehensive psychiatric rehabilitation services and discharge planning.

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Rainbow Beach Care Center
7325 S Exchange Ave
Chicago, IL 60649

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Licensed by:

Illinois Dept. of Public Health
Chicago Dept. of Health